DIY - Full Service
Laundry Shop

Fast, Fresh, Folded

Wasting too much time washing, drying, and folding your laundry? Labadab will do your laundry FAST, FRESH, AND FOLDED at an affordable price. Use the freed-up time doing what you love while wearing your FAVORITE clothes.

Full Service: Wash, Dry, & Fold

Drop your clothes off and get your clothes back fast, fresh, and folded!

Self Service: DIY

Save time washing your clothes using our machines

Our dryer machines will save you time drying your clothes. No need to wait for the sun.

May Libreng Sabon & Fabcon sa Bawat Laba

We provide you with ASTRON products, an eco-friendly, plant-based liquid detergent and fabcon you will surely love.  At dahil partner namin ang ASTRON, you get a best in class liquid detergent and Fabric conditioner -ABSOLUTELY FREE! Saan ka pa? Dito lang yan sa amin sa Labadab. Why we do it? Simply because, we care for you and every Filipino’s labada like no other laundry service does.


Run your own Labadab Franchise.

Franchising your very own Labadab business is easy and sustainable. Be a franchisee of Labadab today and spread the LAB in your neighborhood.

We Lab the Community

Malinis na Damit para sa mga Bulilit

We take care of the laundry of Casa Miani, an orphanage managed by St. Jerome Parish in Alabang,  dahil kailangan din ng lab ang mga batang ulila. Malinis ang damit ng mga bulilit sa Casa Miani- dahil sa inyong walang humpay na pag suporta sa labadab. 

Labadab Tips, News & Updates

Congratulations Graduates!!

Congratulations sa lahat ng gragraduate ngayong buwan at sa susunod! (Iba iba na kasi ang schedule XD). ‘Wag kalimutan palabhan ang gagamitin or ginamit na